SLGMéxico, specializes in Local Legal & Business Affairs and Site Selection. We support our clients in every phase, from site selection to the opening of a new manufacturing operation in Mexico.


Site Selection studies
We prepare a Matrix including different locations proposed for hosting a Project, including advantages of each location, and information on:
(i) industrial and labor costs, (ii) logistics, (iii) infrastructure, (iv) proximity to technical schools, market & suppliers, (v) incentives, (vi) governmental/political issues worth to be considered, (vii) ports & airports in the region.
When Customers are looking for certain location, our Study is limited to industrial parks and sites on such area.

Dedicated Services
Once the location is decided, we move on to our Dedicated Services (DS), where our associates work on site, during the complete process required for the opening of the manufacturing operations, along with our customer’s team.

DS include related services which are necessary for the start-up process of manufacturing plants:

a) Legal.- Within this area of services, SLGMéxico assumes responsibility to:
(i) incorporate legal entities (i.e. corporations); (ii) prepare the necessary contractual framework for the Project, including acquisitions, leases, constructions, engineering equipment, insurances, bonds, services, transportation agreements; (iii) prepare corporate records and documents for the legal entities; and (iv) grant legal advice on permanent basis as required by the Project.

b) Government Relations.-  SLGMéxico represents its clients before Federal and Municipal government figures during: (i) negotiations to obtain most favorable packages of incentives, duly supported by official resolutions; (ii) deploy public relations campaigns to ensure that all objectives and goals are accomplished; (iii) Obtain different governmental permits, licenses and authorizations required for the acquisition of land and the construction of the required facilities; (iv) establish a permanent communication channel between our clients and Municipal and State governments.

Some incentives commonly offered are:
• Exemption of payroll tax for at least two years;
• Exemption of registration duties for government records of properties acquisition;
• Training support programs equivalent to 1 to 3 months of minimum wage salary to new employees, including training abroad.

c) Unions & HR.- In this area, SLGMéxico conducts the following:
• Negotiation for execution of a Labor Union Agreements with the most favorable Union in the region.
• Administration of the selection and recruitment process according to the specific requirements from our clients for all levels in the organization;
• Recruitment and Selection process;
• Negotiate obtaining of training incentives and scholarships;

d) Permits & Licenses.- SLGMéxico takes responsibility for obtaining permits and licenses required for the operation of the manufacturing plant (e.g. zoning, imports, civil protection & fire department, etc.). Please note these permits and licenses are issued by Municipal and State governments and may vary depending on the specific manufacturing process of each company.

e) Environmental.- Before the construction of any facility or starting manufacturing operations, it is required to perform an “environmental impact study”. SLGMéxico coordinates certified environmental firms entitled to perform such study. This study is a specialized certification process that evaluates the impact of any manufacturing activities to the environment.