Our Products and Services are offered with the necessary flexibility to assure the complete control of your new operation. Our involvement is along each and every phase of the project (i.e. from the site selection/incorporation up to the starting of operations) offering our assistance on-site during the start-up phase of your project.

Feasibility Analysis

A very important phase on any project is detecting weather your company and/or your business plan are ready to be implemented.

At this stage, we would get involved at no cost to determine how we can help you in your expansion plans.

Site Selection

We usually act as the company's
representative in the Site Selection Process. Under such role, we:

- Conduct negotiations with Industrial Parks/Developers with the intention of closing the most favorable option for the Company (i.e. Lease, Purchase of land, Purchase of an industrial building, etc.);

- Prepare the necessary legal documents required for closing such option, including
performance of a due diligence process, in order to confirm compliance with all legal
requirements (i.e. legal title, environmental, licenses and permits for operation of the

- Conduct negotiations with specific City Governments for obtaining operations licenses and permits for industrial purposes of your investment. We also obtain operations/safety authorizations, civil protection, fire department, drainage licenses, among others;


- Advise the Company about pros/cons of each proposed location for establishing the
operation. Confirm industrial cost of utility services (e.g. electricity, gas, water). Confirm industrial parks available. Confirm logistics services available.

- Advise in the negotiations process to confirm the specifications for a lease or construction, extension of land, infrastructure, design, and engineering services, among others.
We obtain the most convenient lease for manufacturing process; the most
convenient prices for future expansions; preparation of necessary contracts and
agreements; we coordinate legal and operation documentation (due diligence, zoning, permits, licenses, environmental etc.); coordinate general matters required to ensure efficiency in the operation (e.g. suppliers, insurances, customs brokers, logistics, vendors etc.), and we review and implement guaranty schemes/collaterals requested in the respective purchase or lease contracts.

- Conduct “Dedicated Services”, where members of our firm will work in-situ with
your Company during the critical phase of the site selection and the start-up phase
of the Project. Important events are part of such critical phase (e.g. negotiations with
governments, developers, industrial parks, suppliers, construction firms, engineering
services, vendors, etc.).

Our “Dedicated Services” have been designed taking into consideration that, the opening of
an industrial plant, is a process which requires special attention from SLG, due to the normal complexity of each project, and the diversity of areas and parties involved.

Furthermore, language and cultural business barriers normally are important factors, which
impact the timing and cost in completing a project.

Government Liaisons

We propose act as representatives
and advisors before government officers (Federal/State/City). In this phase we:

- Obtain the necessary licenses, registrations and permits required to ensure starting of
operations in compliance with applicable regulations;

- Obtain government incentives such as training, reduction of state and city taxes, among others; and

- Build a communication channel between the Company and the Government.

Tailor Made Package Provider

We divide our Products in different areas according to the requirements of the project. Our Services can be offered as a package or as many, as you may consider more convenient.

Our Mission

to make sure that our Clients Land Softly in Mexico by dramatically reducing costs, risk and time.

A Strategic trade and investment hub

Mexico has a privileged geographical location with the most diversified Free Trade Agreement and Bilateral Investment Treaties network in the World. Mexico has a perfectly balanced combination of Infrastructure, Business Environment and Costs. Please let us show you why you should Invest in Mexico.


We Design the corporate/legal structure more convenient for the Project, having in mind time constrains and more convenient scheme of operations for the Company.
In order to start with lease or purchase of a property, every Company will require to be incorporated at least in one legal entity

During the Site Selection phase, SLG is responsible for the preparation of By-laws, articles of incorporation, share certificates, powers of attorney and the obtaining of permit for use of the corporate name for the Company;

We take care of the Corporate Registrations before Foreign Investment Registry, as well as the preparation of corporate records and books (shareholders, board members, share certificates);

Confirmation of preferential import duties under a Maquiladora program and PROSEC;

Confirmation of preferential import duties under existing Free Trade

Investigation of official norms (NOM’s Norma Oficial Mexicana) applicable to products to be manufactured;

Confirmation of environmental licenses required by industrial parks and, if applicable, for the New Plant;

Grant legal supportive information and coordination of works related to the
environmental study required for the operation of the new plant (an
environmental company needs to be hired to prepare the environmental study);

Coordinate the obtaining of local registrations and licenses, including tax, labor and social security registrations;

Legal advice related to the incorporation process of the Company.

Human Resources

As part of our services, we offer the Selection and Recruitment of human capital at all levels, according to the specific requirements of the Company.

Based on the job description for each position, SLG would find the right candidates by having the necessary interviews and tests. The final decision would always be taken by the Company.

As mentioned on the Government Liaisons section, specific training for skilled workers and supervisors is negotiated with the State Government and agreed upon with local Technical schools.

Customer Base Development

In this important phase, SLG identifies and contacts potential customers, estimates customer potentials, collects relevant data about current suppliers, performs pilot trials, submits proposals and follow-up

The Customer Base Development process includes the following activities:

- Development of a Customer Database in segments of interest covering at least 80% of the known users base.

- In collaboration with the Company, we design and implement a program to personally contact the most important players in the segments of interest to introduce the company's products and services.

- Collect user's data according to the requirements of the Company.

- Prepare, submit and follow-up on proposals where required.

- Prepare and execute sales contracts as required.

Supplier Base Development

We offer the development of a competitive local supplier base for direct and indirect materials and services. For materials not supplied locally, we developme a competitive logistics structure to ensure on time delivery at the best cost available.

The Supplier Base Development process includes the following activities:

- Development of a Supplier Database for all direct and indirect materials and services required by the Company in Mexico.

- Negotiations with vendors the best price and conditions for all materials and services required for the operation of the Company in Mexico.

- Negotiations with logistics companies to ensure the best price and conditions to obtain competitive procurement of imported materials.

- Identify and implement processes improvement opportunities with vendors and service providers for a total product cost optimization.