SLGMéxico, is the result of a merger of professionals with more than 30 years of experience in key economic sectors, with special emphasis in legal, real estate (Site Selection) and international matters.

We have helped corporations from different sectors like automotive, aerospace, energy, electronics, pharmaceuticals, plastic injection, food & beverages, among others, placing shop in Mexico

SLGMéxico provides one-stop shop advice on legal, real estate/site selection, business, immigration, trade, project management, public relations, negotiation of government incentives, environmental, labor unions/human resources areas, which significantly lower the start-up costs of manufacturing operations, as well as, grant to project owners legal certainty to their businesses, by confirming compliance with necessary legal requirements for the operation of manufacturing plants.

What sets SLGMéxico apart, is our ability to support our clients to minimize the risk of their investments, due to our expertise in local legal and business practices, in addition to:

  • Our knowledge of the real estate industry, focused on manufacturing projects;

  • Provide one-stop shop in necessary areas;

  • Our close relationship with government authorities, for more than 30 years of experience working with authorities engaged in the promotion of foreign investments projects in their communities;

  • Our full dedication to the Projects through our “Dedicated Services”, allow us to complete the Projects in compliance with applicable regulations.