Our Clients

* Bridgestone (2013-2014)
Daifuku (2013)
* EKK Eagle Industries (2013)
* G-TEKT Corp (2013-2014)
* Hiruta Kogyo (2012)
iGate (2009)
* ISS America/Iino Manufacturing (2013-2014)
* KI USA (2014)
NOK Corporation (2013)
Nitto Kohkei (2016)
* Parker Trutec Mexicana (2016)
* Sankyo Kasei (2012)
* Shinsho/Kobelco Group (2013)
* Shinano Kenshi (2014)
Sojitz Corporation ( 2005)
Tokura Corporation (2014)
* Topy Fasteners ( 2015)
* Yutaka Giken (2012)
* Yuken Corporation (2014)
* Yuken Surface Technologies (2015)

*Manufacturing Operations

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