The SoftLanding Group Mexico (SLG)

SLG is a company assembled by a group of professionals with vast experience in local and International Markets.

We provide counseling to International companies analyzing investing and/or doing Business in Mexico.

With our headquarters in Toronto Canada, three offices in Mexico (Guadalajara, Querétaro and Mexico City) and very soon one in Houston Texas, SLG closely covers one of the most important economic regions in the World.


We work very close with Mexican Government Agencies like Promexico to assure that every investment project and operation will receive proper incentives and considerations from the Mexican Government.

Some of our services

  • Full Legal Support

  • Real Estate: Industrial parks, developers, Shelter programs, etc.

    Tailor Made Packages – Multidisciplinary organizations

    Local and Federal Government Liaisons>

    Local Human Resources - Recruitment and Selection

Investing in Mexico

Mexico is the world´s 9th biggest economy and the 6th most important commercial trader. There are over 16,000 foreign companies already established in Mexico, enjoying a big local market and a solid platform boosting their exports. Geographical Location Fast and easy communication between North America, South America, Europe and Asia, as well as economic ties between these regions. Free Trade Agreements No country in the world has signed more trade agreements with other nations than Mexico. These agreements can only increase companies´ competitiveness in those markets. Economic Indicators Our economic figures indicate a well established and sustained economic program aimed at growth and sharing this growth with all the companies involved. Labor Force Mexico´s labor force is young, abundant, skilled, well educated and eager to fulfill any labor requirement.


Our Strategic Partners



That is the name of the game....

In the last 20 years, globalization has continuously influenced in companies performance.

Successful large and small, local and multinational companies are struggling to stay alive. We know that surviving depends upon your timely decision on reducing costs and reaching foreign markets. One of these important decisions may require moving part of your operation to another geographical location.

At SLG we understand your needs and we know that Mexico is your best choice for investment and/or subcontracting.




Japanese Autopart Projects Derived from announcements of new Honda, Mazda and Nissan plants in central region of Mexico known as the Bajio, different Japanese autopart manufacturers are opening industrial plants to supply their customers on “just in time” basis. From January 2012, SoftLanding Group Mexico S.C., is advising different Japanese autopart corporations in their process of opening manufacturing plants in the Bajio region. SLG is offering a “package” of services to our clients, who can find in only one firm all necessary services required for starting manufacturing operations in full compliance with applicable legislations. With the intention to offer full dedication to our clients, since March 1st, 2012, we are offering services from our new offices in the city of Celaya (Guanajuato). From this office, we are able to support projects in other cities such as Salamanca, Irapuato, Leon, San Luis Potosi and Aguascalientes.


日本の自動車部品プロジェクト メキシコの中央地帯であるバヒオと呼ばれる地域に、マツダ、ホンダ、ニッサン各社が工場新設を発表して以来、さまざまな日本の自動車部品メーカーが顧客に「ジャストインタイム」で部品を供給するため製造拠点を開設しています。 2012年1月以来、ソフトランディング・グループ・メキシコは、いろいろな日系企業にバヒオ地域に製造拠点を開設する準備過程で支援を行っています。SLGはお客様が操業を開始するまでに必要な、法務に至るまでのあらゆるサービスを「パッケージ」として提供し、トータルサポートいたします。 2012年3月1日より、顧客企業のプロジェクトに献身的に専念する目的で、グアナフアト州セラヤ市にあるわが社のオフィスからサービスの提供を始めています。このオフィスを拠点とし、グアナフアト州のサラマンカ、イラプアト、レオンさらにサンルイスポトシおよびアグアスカリエンテスにいたるまで他市の進出プロジェクトを支援することが可能です。


Package of Services



Partnership with Dr. Roberto Ramirez Soberon

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Dr. Roberto Ramirez Soberon, former General Director of PEMEX Gas and Basic Petrochemicals (PGPB).

Dr. Ramirez Soberon worked at PEMEX for 30 years and retired as Director of the PEMEX Gas division. Currently, Dr. Ramirez is professor at the National University of Mexico (UNAM), and as of January 2012 will act as advisor to our firm SLG, in developing and structuring business opportunities in the Gas & Energy sector in Mexico.

PGPB is the division in PEMEX responsible for the processing, transmission and commercialization of natural gas and its products. As Director of this division, one of the main objectives was to develop a strategy to enhance the actual infrastructure of natural gas transmission in Mexico. President Calderon recently confirmed this strategy as a main tool for triggering new investment projects in the sector.

We will be pleased to collaborate with your company, in finding business opportunities in this dynamic sector.


iGATE Opens Mexican Operations Fremont, CA, 20 October 2008

Supported by the SoftLanding Group Mexico, iGATE Corporation (NASDAQ: IGTE), an integrated Technology and Operations (iTOPS) firm, announced that it will begin operating a new US$2 million facility in Guadalajara, Mexico on Monday, Oct. 20, 2008. The new center, iGATE Global Solutions Mexico S.A. de C.V., will utilize local workers to offer near-shore iTOPS, IT and BPO services to a variety of U.S. and Latin American clients.

With a combined experience of more than 30 years working in Mexico, Canada and Asia, our team has the tools and knowledge to help you take a quick and right decision.

SLG has a vast experience in almost every industrial sector, being Advanced Manufacturing our key area.

We know that every company has different and specific needs. Therefore our Products and Services are tailored to better serve our clients.

Experienced, bilingual Professionals are ready to listen to your needs and support you with the best alternative for your expansion plans.